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  1. Is there a warranty on these cases? My screen has cracked and I need to either get a new case or replace this one under warranty

  2. Where can i find a replacement rubber plug for the stylus pen spot? Some have the stylus with the lg g3 but my model doesnt have one and dont have a plug there.

  3. My glass screen for my LG G5 love mei case is completely shattered. Only had the case for like a week and its already shattered while in my pocket. Where can I get a replacement screen for my LG G5 love mei case?

  4. Where can I found a replacement of the buttons and the rubber layer for the S4 case?
    cause the ones that came with the case are defective

    thanks in advance

  5. Do you guys have a replacement rubber part for the pen port for the galaxy note edge? You have the rubber charging ports but not the pen rubber port as far as I can tell which sucks cuz i wish those parts wouldn’t fall off when taking the cover off the phone… =(

  6. I have the iPhone 5c Love Mei case. Is there an extension available to plug into the power port so I can use more devices that can’t plug into it because of the thickness of the case?

  7. My phone screen is completely shattered digitizer is broken and my case is in perfect condition. What can be done about this?

  8. I need rubber replacements for the charger port and the s pen cover for my Samsung galaxy note 3 hard case straight. where can I find both pieces?
    thank you.

  9. I loved this case, but my buttons wont work so its brand new garbage! Is there any way to fix this? Thanks

  10. I have this cover for Iphone 5C and now the touch screen is not functioning. Is like somehow it does not recognize when you touch the screen. Is there a way to fix it? Or somebody has had this problem?

  11. hello i ordered the slim waist pure black powerful case for the note 3 early last week and other then the paypal reciept i have not heard anything about my order and when i login to the website it says that i have no order on record. so i am confused as to what is goin on. can someone please fill me in.

  12. Hello i got a note4 case from you i pulled it out of my pocket and i seen that the screen is shattered, so if you can tell me how to get a warranty replacement it would be greatly appreciated

  13. Will love mei cases work with wireless charging built in the phone. Also do they interfere with the antenna?

  14. I already purchase the samsung note 3 love mei casing… my problem is.. the 3 button is stuck.. can i have the button replacement.. i mean the rubber one.. Where can i purchase it?

  15. In the site (http://www.powerfulcase.com/love-mei-powerful-case-for-samsung-note-4-small-waist-upgrade-version-shockproof-dirtyproof-corning-gorilla-glass-metal-case.html)
    price is = 26,47 € /34.90$.
    You can sell the product per € (26,47 €)?
    Why after pressing paypal only creates a check in the currency of $ ($ 34.90)?
    How to create a check in the currency € (paypal) ?
    I can pay you in the currency €?
    You give warranty for this product?
    Can you tell me requisites:
    your legal and actual address
    company name (under which it is registered)
    phone №
    how to find you in Skype,
    how, when you can participate in the chat?

  16. Dropped my Samsung Note 2… phone is fine but Love Mei glass shattered.
    Will you warranty replace the glass or the whole Love Mei Case?
    Thx for your anticipated Replacement.

  17. Hi,

    I have had myIphone 6 Love Mei case for about two weeks. The front glass has now split down the middle. Is there a way to get a replacement front glass?

  18. Hi. The tough cases you have really look awesome! I hope you make one for xiaomi redmi 1s. It seems to be the only xiaomi phone that you missed out. If you have one I’ll definitely buy! Thanks!

  19. Had a case for about a month and the gorilla glass has broken already. Cant find a replacement anywhere. Do you supply them to the UK?

  20. Hi I will like that when you make the Galaxy Note 4 love mei case you make it shockprof only, with everything easy to use. That I can use fingerprint, s pen. And the speaker come open, so the phone sound loud. If I want waterprof I just buy a bag for it and use it.

  21. I have some problem with case for Note 3. This is new version of case. In right edge of screen spen and touch work strange. Spen not recoignize light pressure and touch too. Any ideas?

  22. Is it possible to get a replacement front glass for love mei case or even just the front face part of the case broke the glass on the case

        • email:[email protected]

  23. Hi,
    Just wondering if you guys are located in the Continental USA. And if so, do you also ship your item from a US location?

  24. I need to know about the Gorilla case for Note 3. it does not have an opening flap for the sylus to come out? please explain. The slim waist Gorilla case DOES have the opening flap as per the pictures I have seen. But the straight edge case does not have it.

  25. A lot of colleagues from the Army are using these covers and they are great! Can you tell me if there is a cover for the Galaxy S4 Mini, it’s a popular phone here.

  26. are you guys planning on making the powerfull series case for the tmobile z1s c6916 i had the z1 case but i switch to the z1s and will love to buy it again! i can guarantee that a lot of people will buy it cause the only seller for this phone cases is tmobile and the over charge for the ones they have! Thanks

  27. On EBay people are selling a love mei shockproof case for the Sony Xperia Z1, can you please confirm if the item actually exists before I buy it, I was unable to find it on your site

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  29. Hello

    Can you tell me the 3 sizes (lenth, width, hight) in millimeters of the “love mei case” for samsung galaxy S3

    thank you for your answer


  30. I purchased the slim waste water proof case and the s pen cover is gone can i purchase another s pen cover to keep the water proof integrity?

  31. Does the small waist case for the Galaxy Note 3 have the same S pen problem? Also, does the case restrict the GPS from working? Thank you!

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  33. Victor, there’s not a doubt of the high quality of the cover, but I’m facing the same situation with the S Pen. Is there anything that your company can recommend to allow the use of the SPen?

  34. I was wondering if there is a warranty and if so who to contact? My Powerful case for my s4 that I have used for 2 weeks is letting dust through to my phone and has never been waterproof. I know the case is assembled properly.

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  37. Hi victor one question on the iPhone 5 case all main points seem well protected apart from the camera area it does not have a guard against water is there a piece missing or is that the design way

  38. I went to the website buyinlot.com and I found the love mei case for the 5/5s in red and I purchased one but my payment method still says pending on you guys part and its been at least 4 days and i’ve haven’t heard anything I’m just wondering are y’all still selling the cases from the website.

  39. Love the case so much I am now selling them. I am wondering however, with the Note 3 cases I have a question. I always get a package with 2 extra screws and 2 rubber rings. What are the rings for?

  40. I really wanna purchase the note 3 case however i see the case doesnt reconize the s pen because if you push it all the way in you have to de assemble case to get it back out.. or u can just have it placed in rubber ring partially in and i dont know can u guys fix this or no ?

  41. Having the same concerns as above. My husband bought me this awesome case, but I don’t see what keeps the water out of the s pen port & am unable to retrieve my much needed s pen with the case secured together. Also, I have a huge reduction on signal with the case on. Is there some kind of extension tip that could be added to the s pen to both support retrieval & keep moisture out?

    • The pen is part of the waterproofing of the case. It’s meant to go in half way. The phone will not recognize it. So yeah only put it in just enough that you can still take it out. It was made to be like this

  42. I purchased your case for the iPhone 5S, your case is fantastic! I have one question and one suggestion. First, with the case on, it seems as though the fingerprint ID does not work anymore, is there a way to correct that? And two, with the iPhone on the lock screen, there are 4 options, swipe down from the top to access notifications, swipe to unlock, swipe up in the lower right to access the camera and swipe up in the lower middle to access things like media player and flashlight. Each and every swipe works flawlessly except the one in the lower middle. I love this case and would love to see these two simple things corrected. If they are correctable on my end, please let me know how. Thank you for making a great looking case!

      • Hi I will like that when you make the Galaxy Note 4 love mei case you make it shockprof only with everything easy to use. That I can use fingerprint, s pen. And the speaker come open, so the phone sound loud. If I want waterprof I just buy a bag for it and use it.

  43. I purchased your case for my note 3 and I love the durability of it. The main thing that is missing is something for the S Pen. The whole reason I got the note 3 instead of the S4 is for the S Pen. While I have the case on the pen is open, but I cant retreive it without taking the case off. Also it just leaves an open hole which I thought the case was suppose to be waterproof. Could there not be a port like the one that covers the earphone jack, or could you even atleast provide a plug for the hole.

  44. Bought the Shockproof/Dirtproof?etc case for my Galaxy S4. It is by far the best case in the entire world. Best fit, best looking, best feel. HOWEVER,,,,,,,It restricts the cell signal down 80%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can be somewhere where I have had 5 bars with case off. Then I put case on and bars are down to 1! I really love this case and wold love to know a remedy for this obvious problem!!!!! I had this case on for 2 days and could not take it anymore!

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