71 thoughts on “LOVE Mei Powerful Case for SONY Xperia Z3 Waterproof Shockproof Dirtyproof Gorilla Glass Metal Case

  1. please please make one for the z3 compact. i mean from the comments youve got a dozen sales before its even made. surely there is enough interest for you guys to at least think about it!!!

  2. Üdv.Ha Magyarországba rendelnék Xperia Z3 tokot,meg kapnám e,és mennyi lenne a szállítási költség.Nyitható e a tok.Köszönöm.

  3. I really wish you would make a Z3 Compact variant…
    looking for case(protective mask) for the Sony experia z3 compact. can I buy it?

  4. Hello Victor. I know that Z3 compact cover is not available and that you are sorry. But what I would like to know… why doesnt LOVE MEI produce compact version of Z3 since so many people want one? Must be a win-win for both customer as company. Can you inform why they don’t or are you not connected to the LM company? Kind regards, AJ

  5. I really wish you would make a Z3 Compact variant…
    This case looks FABULOUS!
    Do you really don’t want to consider it?

  6. Thaks, case was received.
    Looks realy greate and powerfull. Now my z3 like a aisberg, big and hard. and can breake a Titanik 🙂

  7. I recently purchased and received my love mei case. I love it, however….. I placed the phone in my pocket, and upon taking it out, the charge ports rubber flap fell off and is now missing. Is there any way I can get a replacement port cover, without purchasing a whole new case???

  8. Will you ever be making a gorilla case for the Xperia m?? Really like the look out this case but can’t find one for my m 🙁

  9. Will probably never produce it for xperia Z3 Compact I think, but I hope it gets made.
    Maybe when we not buy the Z3 Compact anymore …
    Is a good product and it is well built!

  10. Is this available in philippines?Can i order this thru this site and deliver it to philippines?how much will it cost?thank you

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