5 thoughts on “Love Mei Shockproof Dirtproof Weatherproof Rugged Protection Case – for iphone5/5s 4/4s

  1. I bought a trademark love mei phone case off ebay. I work in construction just the other day after putting my phone which had the love mei case on it. I pulled it out of my tool pouch to find the so called gorilla glass shatered dont really know how it happen there was no other tools in pouch or around the phone. But when I contacted the ebay seller they would not give me a replacement nor could they help me out in either way. I seen on videos where they took a hammer at the case and steped on it and nothing happen so how could just banging around in a tool pouch crack my screen. Are there any factory warrantys out there?

  2. buona sera sono in possesso di un samsung s4 mini e vorrei acquistare il vostro prodotto lovemei ,vorrei indicazione per ordinarlo

  3. Was wondering what the little black handles item with the metal rod on one end is for. Love my case for my iphone5c. Very durable and passed every rest so far. Was just wondering what that little tool or accessory was for. Thank you.

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